Relife cases

Relife Cases

This sign is made from reused plastic =

approx. 3 kg. Co2 reduction per sign (Large)

approx.. 1,5 kg. Co2 reduction per sign (Small)

Handmade in Denmark by social economic workforce

Relife Studio works with upcycling and a conscious approach to design and usage of resources. All our products are handcrafted, from waste-/ and surplus materials. We seek to inspire other people to rethink how resources are used instead of producing new ones.

Our mission is to reuse & recycle waste-/ and surplus materials such as cardboard and twinwall plastic. Before Relife Studio these resources were seen as waste. Now it is taken back into a circle where we use it for new products  without adding too much new resources and materials to make the products. All our products can be repaired, which is also a statement of circular economy. Last but not least all our products can be separated down to pure resources and entering another circle of recycle

We hope that with this product, which is handmade, in a small CSR company, where we value green values ​​for both the earth, people and our partners, to inspire other producing companies to rethink parts of their business. 


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                • Reprovej 2

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                • Kontakt

                • +45 60 40 51 23

                • Reprovej 2

                • 8722 Hedensted

                • Denmark